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I was born slowly,

the way modeling clay

hardens into a husk,

or how acrylic paint

begins to thin.

I was held by friends

who didn’t know

quite what to call me.

They took me and pulled

and pulled

and I tried to stretch,

to keep them together

but they drew me back

until I almost


I lingered there

tightly bound in

thoughtful tautness-

perhaps I was the

sharp connection,

a spiteful bungee cord

that refused to let go.

The friends forgot

that I tied them so,

and I was again no more

than an undulating unknown.

Yet still, when they stop moving,

they can feel me, relentless

with my unwanted bond,

my untiring tug

which they wish would

disappear, but won’t.



Often finding myself caught in

Chaotic twirls of brand-new thoughts and

Many already stretched thin and taut,

Used by others in this form.


A vicious wind, a ripping howl,

Tempestuous rain, a day gone foul.

All these aches and groans and ows

When attempting to BrainStorm.

Optional (Title)

The world is upside-down,

Reading right to left, while

Commoners sport crowns

On top of their heads.


While the mute men sing,

And while the cats chase dogs,

I sit still, wondering

How to make dough from this bread.


I walk onto the streets and as I keep on moving,

There’re crowds thanking congress for the job they are doing,

And as far as I can see,

Everyone seems happy,

In this world spun upside-down.


The world is inside-out,

Raccoons dig through recycle bins

And the old men shout

For kids to jump on their lawns.


And while everything’s grand,

There’s just one thing I don’t get.

Maybe you understand, but

Where has our old world gone?


For I’m running down the streets now being chased by the school-bus,

The taverns  fill up quickly with some nuns that can out-cuss

Every sailor on the seas,

So now I’m begging, please

Give us back our normal world.


Sure it’s filled with hate, violence, racism, and scum,

And chocked full to the brim with spirits from whiskey to rum,

And it’s bursting at the seams,

But at least those of us that dream

Can patch up our broken world.



*Edit:  Work in progress.  Feel free to comment how to make this better.


Pursecution is a terrible thing,

A fault that has yet to be righted,

For if we kill all the purses, then what shall we carry?

Some people are very short-sighted.


Satchels are simply too bulky and big,

Whereas handbags are woefully small,

If we execute purses, what are we to do?

I might not tote a bag at all.

The Train of Thought

A broken mirror, a ticking clock,

An off-center piece, a crippled walk,

A hopeful man and boy who fought

For passage on the Train of Thought.


It bridges paths across this realm

Of swirling dreams, afraid they fell

Plunging into madness, climbing out

Wondering what they had just fought about.


The mind forgives, the mind forgets,

But all the Heart does is relent

And tries to sway Mind of its taut,

Disrupt, derail, the Train of Thought.


But the Train runs on no tracks

It makes its own as it moves back

And forwards too, and to the sides,

This Train deceives a mortal Eye.


And no mortal Eye shall gaze upon

The Train, for the Eye’s gaze is drawn

By rumors, whispers of the Heart

Which bathes Eye in light, seeing dark.


But despite the evil Heart’s ill will

The Train forges on, continuing till

The Mind gives up and the Heart takes reins,

Boiling your blood while the Mind goes tame.


And now set aside, the Train creaks and cracks,

No destination, it can’t go back,

So the man and boy got off the train

To seek the Heart, the pretty pain.


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