Bad Luck

Mistakes have been made- my score’s left unsettled.

I guess it all started when I dropped that damn kettle

Onto my bad foot- worse, my bad toe,

And if they didn’t already, now the neighborhood knows.


Unfortunate, really.  Now it’s good for a laugh.

But what wasn’t funny was its started path

As the hardships continued on through the week,

With straight rainy days and an awful luck streak.


I missed my appointments, I was late to the train

All seven days, and it continued to rain

As I rushed my daughter to her seventh grade play.

I thought maybe ‘late,’ but not ‘4-hour delay.’


One good thing happened in the form of a store

That was selling antiques, and I needed some more

For my ancient collection, an array of lamps.

(You see the progression, so let’s skip to the chance)



The lamp almost saved me with its wishes inside,

I wished to fix my mistakes, and repair my pride.

It gave me the chance to relive my past,

And so I accepted.  Some luck, at last.


I was back in my kitchen, black kettle and all,

I took care to avoid, and prevent the fall.

Bam!  Back to the present, with hardly a glance!

For since I’d changed my past, I don’t get the chance.



Time is difficult stuff.