The Boy Who Had No Ears

There once was boy who did not have ears,

Which made hearing an impossible task.

He grew up in a world that sat silently still,

A face in the crowd with a mask.


This boy never listened, for he found he could not,

But he refused to try to be taught.

And if you tried to teach him a lesson, well,

First he would have to be caught.


Then a man came along, a sizeable fellow,

And he happened to be lacking a tongue.

But what he missed there he made up for in cheek,

And it seems as though those two had fun.


The man in question has no college degree,

But he understands how the boy feels.

And that, my friends, is how one truly teaches,

Not with lessons, but with sharing one’s meals.


3 thoughts on “The Boy Who Had No Ears

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