Optional (Title)

The world is upside-down,

Reading right to left, while

Commoners sport crowns

On top of their heads.


While the mute men sing,

And while the cats chase dogs,

I sit still, wondering

How to make dough from this bread.


I walk onto the streets and as I keep on moving,

There’re crowds thanking congress for the job they are doing,

And as far as I can see,

Everyone seems happy,

In this world spun upside-down.


The world is inside-out,

Raccoons dig through recycle bins

And the old men shout

For kids to jump on their lawns.


And while everything’s grand,

There’s just one thing I don’t get.

Maybe you understand, but

Where has our old world gone?


For I’m running down the streets now being chased by the school-bus,

The taverns  fill up quickly with some nuns that can out-cuss

Every sailor on the seas,

So now I’m begging, please

Give us back our normal world.


Sure it’s filled with hate, violence, racism, and scum,

And chocked full to the brim with spirits from whiskey to rum,

And it’s bursting at the seams,

But at least those of us that dream

Can patch up our broken world.



*Edit:  Work in progress.  Feel free to comment how to make this better.


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