A Fallen Letter

While I walking

I saw and picked up

An odd little papery scrap,

Others stood talking

And I carried on

Unknowingly falling into its trap.

I got home and took it out, but to my dismay, it was addressed to some other guy.

For it was a letter that had found its way, to my kitchen, to my house, to my life.

I searched day in and out for this man,

But nobody knew where his address.

He had no phone number, nor cell phone or van

So I kept it for now, I confess.

But I kept on looking, and asking around, but for some reason everyone laughed

When I read the name of the man out loud, people eyed me as though I was daft.

The letter addressed to “Rand M. Stranjer,”

Eventually I got the joke.

Though I googled him again I admit,

To see if he was a real bloke.

I slit the odd letter, and took its contents,

“Good thing this is all over,” I thanked.

And my reward for my work those frightful events,

A letter that was fully blank.



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