To all the Go-getters

I find more often than not it is not one person I am jealous of, but an attribute that they possess or have acquired that I have not.  It is one thing to know what you’re weak at, and another entirely to try to fix said weakness.

I am jealous of people who do.  People who manage to complete a task, or start it without thinking beforehand.  It’s a beautiful skill, to disregard hesitation.  I bear no such skill.

I’ve been told constantly that it’s good to think things through, that it’s good to ask yourself “Is this the right thing to do?” before charging into a situation.

But hesitation leads to worry, worry fosters doubt, and doubt douses hope.  In my case at least.

So to all you go-getters, people who have made it past the stage of worry and doubt:  Well done!  I wish to join your ranks one day.  But today is not that day.

Not yet, at least.


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