The First Step

First post:  Greetings, people of the interwebs (and extra-terrestrials that happen to be spying on earth).  This blog was created as a gateway to get Godrick Gnomish’s life shown to the world, through short stories (and possibly other devices) that I happen to write.

There might be an odd piece out that has little to nothing to do with Godrick Gnomish, and those will be marked “This post has little to nothing to do with Godrick Gnomish.”

Posts that do revolve around Godrick will be marked “G.G.S.-number-,” for “Godrick Gnomish Story -blahblahblah-.”

Pretty simple, eh?

In any case, if you enjoy any of these stories, or if you despise them to the point of foaming at your mouth every time you see a garden gnome, be sure to leave a comment so I know how to improve my works in the future.

Also, if you happen to like my stories, share ’em with a friend.  It’s one of the most helpful things you could do, and I’d bake you a cookie for it (virtually, of course).

You can expect a new story at least three times a week, but I hope once every few days will be my starter.

So sit back, grab a snack, and read on, people of the blogworld.  You might not understand what you will read, but I hope to Gontrix that you enjoy it.


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